Get Texts,Calls ,GPS Location on a Real Timing and more with just the target phone number only How it�s works Step by Step Guide to Operate Spywarebug Step 1: Initially, you have to click the link you receive and download the Spywarebug and install it Step 2: After installation you create an account on the Spywarebug Step 3: Then, click on Blue button namely show a demo Step 4: After you watched the Demo and you understand how to operate the Spywarebug Step5: Insert the Target number in a column provided and click green box named Synchronized. Step 6: The Synchronization will take 1hr don�t switch off phone during Synchronization Step 7 : After the Synchronization is done all activities of the target phone will be displayed and you click on what to view Step 8: To listen to voice clips of phone calls made and receive you have to the left side of your profile and click record a call and send notifications. Step 9: you will receive notifications for all activities on the target iphone including records of phone calls made and receive. Note for any questions or more guidelines contact back Note: There�s no need to worry about being near the device to view the activity after installation because activities are viewable using any web browser,even a Mac or Phone web browser Note: This Spywarebug link will be sent to you 1hour after confirmation of your payment

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